Import and Export - Segment of the market where O.F.S. is more responsive, having been the first department to be created by the founders of the company. Responsiveness is both export and import, from the door of the customer to the destination, from the Asian to the American market, the African to the Middle East and the European, giving an almost immediate answer, trying not to exceed 24 hours.

Air Transport

Import and Export - Department designed since the beginning of the company, for obvious reasons, express and special charges, however, despite having been accredited by IATA on August 15, 2016, it has only been in business since January 2017 and in full activity, since 04 April 2017. The accredited air cargo team was chosen with the utmost care, keeping the company motto.

Road transport

National and international - The road service is not the core business of the SFO, however, we have created partnerships with strong players in the National and International Road Market in order to cover complementary services to the Maritime and Air, from the Groupings to the Full Truck .

Warehousing and Consolidation

Our company is prepared to consolidate and deconsolidate cargo to import and export in warehouses that are obviously authorized and legalized as customs warehouses, where they are made to our own consolidations for Maputo-MZ and Luanda-AO. These consolidations are duly forwarded to our representative agents in the aforementioned destinations. We also have LCL service to the other continents, using partnerships with some NVOCC Agents.

Customs Service

We are accompanied by real experts in the Customs branch, shipping agents with many years of experience and working with name organizations such as MSC, MAERSK, TAP, EMIRATES, among others, are prepared to unload any cargo such as scrap, live, all types of refrigerated and frozen cargo, IMO / DGR ADR cargo, goods in Transit and Free Practice.

Special loads

Running away from the regular, our team is prepared and trained to handle special loads, such as dangerous, extra-sized and rolling imports and exports

Spare Parts

Specialized service, executed by an experienced team, in recent years linked to parts service of the second largest shipowner in the world, MSC. Service provided from Portugal to Spare Parts in Transito, from shipyards worldwide to Ship and vice versa.